LPO – Lincat Lynx 400 Electric Counter-top Pizza Oven – W 545 mm – 1.5 kW


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he 1.5kW Lynx 400 pizza oven, produces pizzas that taste so authentic your guests will feel as though they’ve been transported to Naples with every bite! Ideal for cafes and snack bars, the oven is capable of generating temperatures of up to 300°C for rapid cooking and crisp bases. The oven comes with an innovative wire shelf with safety stop, while the double-skinned door ensures energy efficiency.


  • Provides customers with a deliciously authentic taste
  • Generating temperatures of up to 300C for rapid cooking and crisp bases
  • Highly efficient upper and lower elements, thermostatic control and a mechanical timer, so your diners can be certain of deliciously perfect, precise cooking results every time
  • Double-skinned door for energy efficiency and safe operation, cool to touch handles
  • The oven contains an innovative wire shelf with safety stop
  • Easy to clean