Betty’s Cookery School, Harrogate

Designed to teach people how to cook in a glamorous and prestigious environment, the kitchen needed to reflect this. It needed to be a space which felt exquisite, comfortable and could be navigated effortlessly by both professional cooks and members of the public with a vast range of kitchen experience. 

The project required extensive, careful planning, and also high-level communication between multi-agencies and stakeholders. This project was as much a success in terms of organisation and communication as expert workmanship. 

Installing granite worktops, powder coated canopies and the most elite best brands of commercial kitchen equipment, YCE delivered an outstanding finish with this project! 

YCE Services

  • Kitchen Design
  • Equipment Supply
  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Asset Management 
  • Project Management
  • Clean Service and Test Facilities
  • Full Turnkey projects
  • One off installs